Interior-Decorative-Concrete- In case you wish to enhance the value of your property, then you must consider the option of decorative concrete. This will improve the aesthetic beauty of your place. And concrete will anyway retain its structural strength.

We had our concrete resurfaced a couple years ago with a local company at the time called Spray On Concrete Melbourne. As the name suggests we were living in Melbourne Australia at the time and even then with the extreme weather changes of Victoria the concrete surface never perished

The best part about such a concrete is that the design is permanent. Once you have set it, it will remain there. Thus you may use it for a wide expanse or even for a small portion of your property.
The options in decorative concrete are simply unlimited. You can put in different ingredients, use special tools or make use of special effects to provide a number of finishes and textures.
The easiest and the most popular way to have a different kind of concrete is by giving it varying colours. You can use such coloured concrete for building purposes or any repair procedures. This is because colour does not impact the strengthening factor of concrete.
Basically decorative concrete provides better aesthetics, lower maintenance as well as reduced costs.
In themed parks, such different stamped-concrete concrete with varied textures makes for a perfect paved walkway. This is a much better option than paved tiles which tend to become loose after some time. These become a tripping hazard. In addition, replacing the loose or broken tiles is also not a good idea as the new ones will never match the old ones. On the other hand, there is no such problem with concrete pathways. There is no question of tiles getting loose. Besides, concrete is stronger and can withstand higher footfall. Thus it leads to lower maintenance and replacement costs.
Decorative concrete is a favoured choice amongst retailers. This is a much better option than floor coverings. These have to be replaced at regular intervals. Besides, these are high maintenance options. On the other hand, such concrete floorings look highly attractive and are sturdy too. Besides, they are lightly reflective and provide a sheen to the floor. They are easy to maintain and last long. This leads to reduced costs for the retailer.
Such decorative concrete is a sustainable option that is environment friendly too. In case of floor coverings, glue has to be used that releases harmful fumes in the atmosphere. But there is no such issue with concrete. These harmful fumes are bad for the residents of this property too.
As you can see, concrete makes better economic and aesthetic sense for your property and enhances its market value too.

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Bathroom Tiles/Bathroom Renovations – Tips on Hiring a Tile Contractor

bathroom renovations melbourneAre you thinking of changing your broken tiles on your bathroom? Do you need think it’s time to replace new and different tiles on your floor? Or you are just yet about to install tiles. For this kind of matter, it is appropriate to call for professionals. Those professionals about this are the tile contractors.

Tile Installing is too complicated to be just done by non-professional. The job has to be done with expertise and it has to be done accurately. Their work is to change, replace or install tiles with any kind such as marble, ceramic and other kind of tiles. So just save yourself from this physical demanding and tiring job. All you need to do is to find tile contractor and wait for them to finish the job neatly. These are the simple tips that can be helpful for you to find a good tile contractor.


This is just a very simple task. When you are looking or want to know something all you have to do is to research. Where living in an information age now so finding for a tile contractor wouldn’t be so hard anymore. So open your computer and start searching for a tile contractor. Also one way to do your research is to ask for a reference. It would be nice if someone can refer you to a good and trusted tile contractor.

Insurance and License

Never forget to research the company also. Figure out if the tile contractor is license if it is then that’s good. Credibility of the company is important factor to know if the company is reliable. Find a company that will provide insurance in case of any damage the tile contractor could do. This way you will be able to protect your property.

The Quality of Their Work

If you have time or maybe you happen to see some contractors working and installing tiles from another neighborhood or property, try to observe them so that you can compare them to your hired contractor when they start working on your property. A professional tile contractor can finish the job fast and neat.

Another good way to find a contractor is through word of mouth. We recently went with a Bathroom Renovations Melbourne company and loved the price and the services provided.

If the tile contractor was referred to you ask the one referred about the quality of their works.

Be Clear on your Communication

To have a successful negotiation then your communication should be clear.  You and the tile contractor should have clear understanding of the things you want to finish and accomplish. If you have any questions or any suggestions or any inquiries at all just ask them. They should be able to accommodate you well with whatever that bothers you.

Have a Clear written Contract

This is just the same as having a thorough understanding with each other. You should be able to understand completely what was written on the contract. And again if there is anything that confused you just ask ahead.

Finding a reliable contractor shouldn’t be so hard. You should be just comfortable with your tile contractor and trust them to be able to finish the job successfully.



Curious on the tools I use to run (and grow) my financial planning practice? You can get free access to the free report here.

How do you define success?

Success can come from many aspects: life, career, family.

Often I get asked how I became a financial advisor and what has led to my success.

When someone views me as successful, Im always flattered. While I do consider myself successful, Im also very humble.

By industry standards, Im just a pea.

Im not a rainmaker, not a million dollar producer, not one of Forbes Top 100 financial advisors.

I dont have hundreds of millions under management.

successful financial advisor

Most big time producers would probably chuckle if they knew the size of my book of clients.

So why do others and myself consider me to be successful? Because I love what I do (and it shows) and get paid very well to help people each and every day.

Being a financial advisor is not easy. Thats something I really didnt know when I got started in the business because my naivety and inexperience but quickly found out.

How hard is it to get started?

When I began my career with A.G. Edwards & Sons in 2002, I was in a training class of around 55 people. My class ranged from 23 year-olds, like myself, starting their careers to 50+ year-olds attempting a third career. After completing training and being in production (better know as licensed to sell) for a year, our class of 55 had been slashed to less than half.

At my five year anniversary mark, there were only 5 of us left.

If youre a numbers geek and you use my class as an example of your odds of surviving, then you have a 91% chance that you are going to fail if you decide to become a financial advisor.

How do you like your odds?

As I reflect on my career, Im truly thankful to many blessings that have been bestowed to me. There have been many emotional roller coasters along the way but I know that the following basic fundamental principles have been the foundation to my success.

So you didnt think that I was blowing smoke, I recruited two other successful financial advisors, Russ Thornton and Brian Plain, to give their take what it takes to truly succeed in our business.

1. Abide by the Golden Rule

successful financial advisor golden rule

One of the keys to my success has much to do with how I was raised. My family has always taught me live by the golden rule:

Treat others the way that I would like to be treated.

Its such simple advice that rings true in every situation. I apply this basic principle in life and most importantly in my career. If a client calls me while Im on the phone, Im sure to call them back as soon as I can. Why? Because I hate having to wait on someone to call me back and I dont want my client having to wait. Same thing on emails and sending out paperwork.

Brian concurs,

Always do whats right for your client. This will often mean giving up short term financial gain. Do whats right for your client because it is the RIGHT thing to do. Do it early and often and youll see it come back to you in spades.

2. Give 110% and Then Some

This business is not for everyone. Ive seen many people get started and think to themselves that they have what it takes only to see them fizzle out in under a year.

What made me different?

Because I wanted it.

My first year, I spent all day and 2-3 night per week cold calling. Yes, I was that annoying guy that would interrupt your favorite TV show by asking you the following:

Hi, Mr. So and So. My name is Jeff Rose, and Im calling from A.G. Edwards here in Carbondale. Im just calling you today to see if you are an investor and if you are open to new investment ideas from time to time.

That was it. That was my magical spiel. Imagine saying that 100-2oo times a day? If you werent jealous of me yet then Im sure youre jealous now :)

After cold-calling, I started hosting lunch and dinner seminars. I used to beg invite potential clients to a free meal so they can hear me talk about some general investment message. I used to do one of these every 6 weeks or so trying to get my name out there. In addition, I would sacrifice weekends setting up booths at trade shows.

I would and have driven over 2 hours to meet with somebody hoping they would do business with me. There were many highs and lows and Ive enjoyed every moment.

3. Be Persistent, Not Pushy

financial advisor that is successful is not too pushy

When I first started in the business I had no clients given to me and it was up to me to find new ones. When I came across someone who was a potential prospect, I was very eager to convert them to a client.

I was so eager I would follow up more so than was properly necessary. I learned along the way you have to wait until people are ready to act, BUT you still want to make sure they think of you when the time is right.

Thats why it is important to follow up: phone call, e-mail, hand written notes. Just make sure when you do follow up its not too often.

Russ adds a bit of his experience in working in a Wall Street firm,

A Wall St brokerage firm is a sales firm. Im not criticizing sales because its a critical function in any healthy business. In fact, though Im an independent advisor today, Im still selling my advice. I guess my point is that you should understand up-front and make a career choice on the basis of what you want, and are willing, to sell to people.

4. Shut up and Listen

How you ever been to cocktail party and got stuck having to listen to a person who felt the need to tell you EVERYTHING about them even though you never asked? Dont worry I wont do that to you :) One thing about me is that Im a very curious person by nature.

I like to ask a lot of questions and most importantly: L-I-S-T-E-N.

Brian adds,

Be an educator and share your knowledge. A successful advisor talks WITH clients, not AT clients. Making things simple and understandable isnt easy, but it is essential.

5. Learn How To Be a Teacher

successful financial advisors teach

A child miseducated is a child lost.

John F. Kennedy

One of the surprising aspects of job is how much I play the role as educator. Most people I work with dont have the desire to know or understand what the beta or standard deviation is on their portfolio. All they know is they have worked their butt off to save as much as they have and that money has to last them the rest of their life. And they are hiring me to help them through the process.

Some part of the process is easy I need X amount dollars per month to survive while other aspects can be confusing Im looking to set up an A-B Trust to protect my assets from estate tax. Whatever the circumstance, its imperative that all parties have a good understanding of what we are trying to accomplish.

Without that general understanding, and the education of the financial goals at hand, any major bump along the way could jeopardize the desired result.

Russ points out,

When its all said and done, its the clients money. You can give them the best advice and listen to anything and everything theyre willing to share with you, but they have the final say in any decisions that are made. Ive found the best way to work with clients is to be a caring educator. No, Im not trying to teach them everything I know, but I want my clients to have a thorough understanding of their choices and the possible consequences of each choice they might make.

6. Give a Darn

If you really want to be a successful financial advisor you have to genuinely care about the people (your clients) you are helping. You cant look at them as how much money they have or how much you make off of them.

In 2008 when the market was falling, I could care less about how much I lost. I was more concerned about all my retired and soon to be retiring clients and how this would affect them.

If you dont care- truly, genuinely care, then people see right through you.

7. Have Some Faith

See, the LORD your God has given you the land. Go up and take possession of it as the LORD, the God of your fathers, told you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

Deuteronomy 1:21

I can remember in my first year of becoming a financial advisor I had one of the worst earning months of my short career. I made less in a month that I made when I was still working part-time at GNC making $6/hour while I was in college.

Luckily, I was still young and didnt have a family to support and I made it. Well, I wouldnt necessarily say I made it, but I did survive. :)

What also helped me is having God on my side and giving me the strength and power to not doubt myself and continue forward and succeed.

Brian ends with,

Worry about the things that you can control. Alwaystake care of your clients and do right by them. Dont be afraid to let them know how they can help you grow your practice.If youre consistently exceedingyour clientsexpectations, theylllikely become your best source of potential referrals.

Russ concludes,

There are very few certainties in life. And there are perhaps even fewer in the financial services world. But I sleep comfortably at night knowing Im doing work I love and working hard to take the best possible care of my clients. I consider my clients part of my extended family and do my best to treat them as such. Sure there will be problems and obstacles that inevitably pop up along the way, and theres only so much I can do to minimize these, but I am comforted by the knowledge there is no one else out there that could care about my clients as much as I do.

Thanks for Brian and Russ for contributing!

Curious on the tools I use to run (and grow) my financial planning practice? You can get free access to the free report here.


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What Is An Online Marketplace?

On online marketplace is a venue designed specifically to allow you to buy and sell your items. Whether they be your personal unwanted items, your business products that you are seeking to promote, or treasures you have purchased to resell online to make money as a home business.

No matter what the item there is always a venue for you to sell on. And more importantly you will most likely find incredible bargains to buy.

Sell Your Products Online

Buying online can be a great way to grab a bargain, especially if you are looking for a handmade or preloved item.

If you live in Australia, buying locally or nationally can lower postage costs and also mean that brands and products are more adapted to your needs, as well as have legal warranties.

If you’re selling online, it can often be easier to sell on larger sites while you build up traffic to your website, too.

Here is a list of some great Australian online auction and sale sites.

Luke Shambrook is recovering in a Melbourne hospital after surviving alone in remote forest for four days, but how he survived may remain a mystery.

His pediatrician, Dr. Amy Gray, says the 11-year-old “is clearly still a bit weak and tired and as he gets energy he’s starting to talk to his family and ask for things he would normally want.”

We may never have all the answers about how he managed in rugged terrain, without food or water over the Easter weekend. Temperatures in the mountains of Victoria plunged to near freezing at night and the area is full of potentially dangerous wildlife.

Luke has autism and severely limited communication skills, and is likely to struggle telling his parents and the police what must surely be an incredible story of survival. “I don’t know that any of us know what he’s been through but I think for all of us we think he’s doing fabulously,” said Gray.

Details Emerge About Boy Lost in Woods

Authorities released dramatic video from a search helicopter of the moment Luke was spotted after 98 hours and 25 minutes in the wilderness.

He was discovered hungry and with hypothermia, but otherwise relatively unharmed. Rescuers on the ground were rushed to his side where they wrapped him in a foil blanket, and offered him a bread roll and water. Acting Victorian Chief Police Commission Tim Cartwright said it “brings a tear to the eye. You can’t imagine the response of our members when they first picked him up.”

Luke has not only been reunited with his family, but also his rescuers, who have visited him in the hospital. While many questions remain unanswered about how he coped, Luke’s family says he is fascinated with water and he also loves to hide in holes, of which there are plenty in the thick Australian forest.

One expert believes his autism may have affected his reaction to becoming lost. Autism expert Jenny Newman said, “His level of fear would not have been what ours was, that he was not actually engaging in being scared of his surroundings or being lost out in the bush.”

As remarkable as this survival story is, rescuers say it almost didn’t happen. Acting Sgt. Brad Pascoe, from the Victorian Police Air Wing, was the first to spot Luke in the thick scrub. “Just out of the corner of my eye I just caught a little flash of something,” he said. “It was enough to make me get the guys to turn the aircraft around and go back and have a further look.”

Luke walked off from the family campsite at 9:30 on Friday morning, the beginning of the Easter weekend. His survival has been described as an Easter miracle and his family are now clearly relieved. His uncle Peter Roberts said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response and we’re very thankful that we live in a society that puts a lot of effort into finding children who go missing.”


While science and the cosmetics industry are making leaps and advances to bring us the latest trends in beauty products, what is available on the market cannot replace the delicious feeling of achieving beauty naturally. It’s not just a hipster trend, natural beauty is quite fashionable now, as women move further away from the highly made-up styles of the past and the influence of cyber culture on how we view beauty.

As Photoshop has made its entry into the world of media, beauty and advertising, viewers are more and more aware of the superficiality of some aspects of these industries and how beauty has so often been manufactured to create false ideals encouraging women to spend their hard-earned disposable income on things that would promise to give them more confidence.

It’s not the first time in history that artificiality is a big part of the beauty world, and while there is nothing wrong with cosmetics, plastic surgery and other forms of body modification that are present in any given culture, what they all have in common is not so much the desire to completely change women, as much as to enhance certain traits.

But what if all this could be done naturally? Well, it can be done naturally. There are many ways to approach beauty in a natural way, whether it’s because you have sensitive skin and want friendlier products to care for your beauty, or perhaps you are allergic to scents and perfumes? There are an increasing number of health reasons why people might stay away from harsh chemicals.

One alternative is to choose higher end cosmetics. They tend to contain less chemicals and be generally of higher quality. This can be useful for people with sensitivities to cosmetics but who still may want to use them.

Alternatively, there are more and more products on the market now that are marked as vegan because

theEat Healthy Sign Shows Eating Well For Healthy do not contain and animal by-products in their making. This is the case with lip tints, eye shadow and nail polish, which were among the first products to make Eco-friendly alternatives available on the market. However, more and more now one can find all the beauty products that they would want in vegan and scent-free options, available in natural food stores, handmade or artisan cosmetics shops, or even at their local drug store.

For some, there is a concern over the use of animal testing in the cosmetics industry. While this is an unfortunate practice that many people do not want to support by purchasing cosmetics, there are still many ways that one can still use beauty products without supporting these practices, simply by checking the labels. There are more and more indications now on the products themselves of how they are made and tested, and increasingly this information is available at our fingertips, thanks to the internet.

Natural beauty also refers to the choice not to wear makeup. For some, this seems like a long shot, but don’t be fooled – going makeup free doesn’t let anyone off the hook from taking good care of themselves! This is where natural beauty regimens will recommend skin treatments like skin brushing in the shower, frequent moisturizing for dry skin, and most of all, focusing on a healthy diet and balanced amount of exercise to keep the body as fit and healthy as it can be.

But it is often said that the most beautiful thing about a woman is not her physical beauty as much as her inner beauty. This is not a cop-out for women who feel ugly to stop caring for how they present themselves, but instead to let that inner beauty shine through in how they care for their body, naturally.


Clipping path.  The latest look for winter and autumn. Fashionable border

Sure, movie stars may have personal stylists, and business executives and lawyers may be able to afford wardrobe consultations, but for the average person these expenses are but extravagant dreams. That doesn’t mean that being in style has to be a pipe dream.

Work with what you have

The first step to getting into fashion is to remember that you don’t have to get rid of your entire wardrobe or replace every article of clothing in order to show your spring flare. We may all have some less flattering items in our closets, but most of us also have a few really nice pieces to work with. Do some research, consult a friend whose fashion sense you trust and admire, and start getting creative about using the garments you have in new ways. If you have a natural talent for sewing, you can even try making some modifications on your own.

Be selective about buying new pieces

The key to getting into fashion on a budget is also to be smart about where you spend the money you have. Take some time to look selectively at a number of different shops, find out where the sales are, and select pieces that you can turn into more than one outfit, and that would look fresh each time. Spending time in different shops will also give you a chance to see what the trends are from one shop to the next, so you can make an educated decision about whether you want to go with what’s more trendy in stores, or try for something a little more unique to show your sass.

Try swapping this spring!

If you’ve never heard of a clothing swap, it’s time to find out what it is. Clothing swaps are very popular as a way for friends to discard and trade old but still good clothing for other items, at no extra charge! Look for a clothing swap in your community or start one with your friends. It’s kind of like raiding your best friend’s closet, except with a dozen of them. You can’t go wrong with this penny-pinching strategy, and the best part about it is that it’s also a great opportunity to get a second opinion on pieces as you try them on, and get a feel for what styles your friends like as well.

Check out your local thrift shop

Thrift shops and vintage clothing stores are a great way to get into style without spending a fortune. You can often get a number of pieces for much less than if you were buying them new, and you can find some very unique gems that are sure to be in no one else’s closet. Whether you choose to selectively invest in some higher-ticket vintage clothing or check out your local second hand store for some hidden treasures, this is a very nice way to add some pizzazz to your fashion sense without having to spend all your extra cash just on clothes. It may even leave you enough left over room in your budget for some funky accessories.

Don’t forget to ditch the old junk

Finally, remember that part of keeping up with fashion means being able to let go of the old and bring in the new. Don’t be afraid to discard older items that don’t fit, have holes, stretched out elastic bands, missing buttons or other imperfections. There is probably a designer out there who would love to give it a new life and by getting it out of your closet, you’re taking the first step towards setting up your style, which is making space for it!